woensdag 22 april 2015

Woensdag 22 April The English Couple

Jet was working to put the books in place again when the old doorbell announced the arrival of a visitor.

“Good  morning Madam, can we take a look in your shop?” Jet looked up and saw a nice English couple  standing in the doorway.


' Yes, of course. Come inside, you  must be freezing.' The man and woman were very pleased to see such an old bookshop. You can also drink a cup of coffee or tea. There is still some cake too' ,  Jet told them. The woman said that she would love to have a cup of tea. Her name was Jan and his name was John. John wanted to look at the English book corner first.  Jet showed him the books. ' What brings you here ? 'Jet asked Jan. At the same time Jasper was trying to get out of his basket and laid his head on Jan’s lap. ' Hello old boy,how are you ?' She asked him. ' We were looking for the village where John's father stayed in the war. We would like to take some pictures of the place so we can let him see what has become of it. ' We are trying to find some people he knew at that time. ' Jet put the cup of tea on the table for Jan. ' I will ask John to come and sit for a moment, ' Jan says and she  stood up and looked  for him. ' I am coming ,I have here some very interesting books.
'I shall bring them to the table', he et. So, he lays the books on the table and ask for a cup of coffee. 'Would you like a piece of cake? I made it myself ' 'Then I certainly will try a piece', John said. 'What sort of books are you looking for? I was looking for a fossils book. But there are many books that I think are interesting.'He began to look at hi books. Jet tells Jan that she maybe have a nice book for her,

It is a book for the soul. Look at this, ' and she gave Jan a book with a boat on the Seine in Paris on the cover. ' That  looks nice. I love Paris 'Jan said.' It is a bookshop about a boat that is on the Seine. Perdu, the man who runs the bookshop, or rather a "literary apothecary, this bookseller possesses a rare gift for sensing which books will soothe the troubled souls of his customers.
And one day he pulls up the anchor and travels to the south of France.

'That sounds absolutely fabulous, Jan said excited. , I’ll take it ! In the meantime Grisou the cat jump on the table and looked at John.
"What about you? he thought.. John had 2 books he liked. Jan looked around a bit , but she made up her mind. This is the one. Yes I know you will love it. This book was send to me in Dutch , and I read it 2 times. I am in love with it, the bookshopkeeper tells her.

Ok, then we must go now. We will certainly come back to you.  It’s a lovely shop. Thank you for telling us what to take. Goodbye Madam Jet.

Goodbye and have a safe trip to England. Jet was cleaning up when the doorbell rings again. It was Magda, the newspaper woman who was a dear friend of Jet. Hello Jet, you had visitors ? Yes, they were from England. Lovely people. Maybe they will come back . I write my blog in English this time, so they can read it.' Ok, here are the newspapers . Can I get some coffee please, then you can tell me all about it”n you can tell me all about it. !'

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